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  • Riccardo Berta

    Riccardo Berta is currently teaching Multimedia Digital Entertainment (10 ECTS) in the Electronic Engineering Master course, as a contract professor.His main research interests are in the field of Serious Gaming (design, implementation and evaluation), Cultural Computing, and Human-Computer Inter...

    Tags: hci with mobile devices, neuroscience and tel, machine learning and games, serious games

    1386 days ago

  • Can serious games make employees creative?

    Debate and discussion session

    Tags: industry, creativity, serious games

    1616 days ago

  • Margarida Romero

    Educational psychologist Associate Director E-learning (ESADE) Associate professor UAB & UOCQualified by AQU & ANECA   E-learning & Learning Innovation Time management & Learning times regulation Serious Games Collaborative learning, Group awareness, Knowledge convergence Life long lea...

    Tags: serious games, cscl, collaborative learning

    945 days ago

  • e-virtuoses 2013

    Tags: serious games, gamification, education, communication, marketing, data coll

    1854 days ago

  • List of Serious Gaming Awards

    Damien compiled a list of no less than 9 existing serious gaming awards in the world. Is it complete? Feel free to add the ones you're missing! Serious Games Awards [GERMANY]*Details:* Three awards are given yearly to reward /“software applications “Made in Germany”, which u...

    Tags: awards, serious games

    1874 days ago

  • Free online game: run-your-own-business simulator

    A free online game that gives you a chance to open your own pet spa, skateboard factory, or comic shop. You choose what you’ll sell, and scour the headlines for the trends that affect your business.

    Tags: serious games, young entrepeneurs, business

    2266 days ago

  • Gamification: how effective is it?

    Let me share a great Kyle Finlay's Slideshare presentation about this topic. It was presented at the ESOMAR Congress 2011 conference in Amsterdam It has and awesome and engaging layout and it includes a  interesting collection of case studies on the effectiveness of gamification in various...

    Tags: gamification, effectivity, profitability, business, serious games

    2009 days ago

  • Zoe Kosmadoudi

    Tags: engagement, psychological measurements, HCI, UI, user experience, games architecture, serious games, engineering design. Serious gaming skills (in comma-separated tags): engagement, psychological measurements, HCI, UI, user experience, games architecture, serious games, engineering design

    1798 days ago

  • SG Education in the Netherlands

    Most game education in the Netherlands is lower or higher vocational education focussing on game design. Serious gaming is usually a course, module or specialization as part of more comprehensive education. Some institutions in the region of Utrecht made an inventory of game educa...

    Tags: education, Netherlands, serious games, game education

    1995 days ago

  • A Game’s Story

    My name is Oregon Trail… …and I’m an e-learning game. I was first developed in 1971, and since then I’ve been played on Apple computers, Windows computers, iOS devices, Nintendo, and even Blackberrys. You’ve probably heard of me — they’ve sold 65 milli...

    Tags: serious games, standards, Tin Can API, Oregon Trail

    1922 days ago

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