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  • Psychology of game-play

    Psychology of game-play

    A group for people who are interested in psychological aspects of game-play. We are interested in any and all psychological aspects, e.g. theories on why people like to play (certain) games, how people learn when playing a (serious) game, and what the cognitive or behavioral effects are of playin...

    Tags: psychology, game-play, motivation, effect, measurement, method

    2570 days ago

  • Confirmed Lecture: From Hobby to Healthy - can positive habit be nurtured?

    Organizer: Dr. Sylvester Arnab | Serious Games Institute, Coventry University Format: Keynote lecture - From Hobby to Healthy: Can positive habit be nurtured? Can games promote public health? Such technologies is an enabling tool towards encouraging effective behavioural and attitude change by...

    Tags: confirmed, behavioral change, health, gamification, motivation, wellbeing

    1824 days ago

  • Yaelle Chaudy

    Tags: assessment, motivation, feedback, game-based learning

    1477 days ago

  • Formal and informal context factors as contributors to student engagement in a guided discovery-based program of game design learning

    This paper explored informal (after-school) and formal (elective course in-school) learning contexts as contributors to middle-school student attitu- dinal changes in a guided discovery-based and blended e-learning program in which students designed web games and used social media and infor- mati...

    Tags: game design, constructionism, design-based research, motivation, self-efficacy, digital divide, wiki, Globaloria, informal learning, educational technology, evidence-based practice, digital literacy

    1510 days ago

  • The benefits of playing video games.

    Video games are a ubiquitous part of almost all children’s and adolescents’ lives, with 97% playing for at least one hour per day in the United States. The vast majority of research by psychologists on the effects of “gaming” has been on its negative impact: the potential ...

    Tags: video games, mental health, adolescents, social, motivation

    1379 days ago

  • Simon McCallum

    I have been developing serious games since 2003.  I curently focus on the area of games for health, specifically games for cognitive health and the interaction with sleep and learning.

    Tags: neuroscience, motivation, health

    1161 days ago