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  • Levee Patroller gameplay footage

    This movie is quite old already, but with Casper Harteveld's upcoming PhD thesis defense (December 2012), I thought it nice to show how it all started years ago. More info about Casper's first work on Levee Patroller is available on his website.

    Tags: water, management, inspection, computer games

    1982 days ago

  • SG Links

    One this page we have collected some links to some interesting games, representative of those available. Clark Aldrich also has a very nice catalogue, including a number of business games: Elaine Alhadeff has also created a list of corporate games. However, it'...

    Tags: industry, corporate training, management

    1427 days ago

  • Example Games

    On this page you can find descriptions of some example games. These have been selected to show the diversity of uses of serious games for companies and are only a small selection of those available.               Lego Seriours Play:  http://academy....

    Tags: example game, corporate training, industry, management

    1659 days ago

  • Getting serious about games for industry to support the development of 21st Century skills

    1 day industry event

    Tags: industry, corporate training, training, management

    1692 days ago

  • Event: Getting serious about games for industry to support the development of 21st Century skills

    The use of games and simulations in training has a long tradition; the recent emergence of new gaming technologies and the serious games movement shows great promise for providing engaging and effective training of employees. The new generation of employees are highly technology oriented – ...

    Tags: industry, corporate training, training, management,

    1692 days ago

  • Shortfall, a game on Sustainable Manufacturing

    An automobile manufacturing system is simulated in this simplification game and it aims that players enable to gain maximum profit while the environment impact is minimum. The ten-round game, with no time limit per round, provided additional flexibility for the content included, the range of game...

    Tags: environmental impact, engineering, management

    1654 days ago

  • Internship: Serious Game on Cyber Security

    You will be working with a small team to develop a serious Game on Cyber security for IT Managers, IT specialists and also end-users of IT solutions. It will be a 2D game that will cover the following topics of IT security: End-users environment, Networks, Computers, Software development, ...

    Tags: cyber security, management, computer games, internship

    1516 days ago

  • Handbook on Using SGs in Companies

    We are producing a Handbook of Guidance for using serious games in companies. This will be a book based on practical exmples of SGs being used in companies. The book will be available for download for a small fee. The book covers the following topics, according to the usage phases of SGs:  ...

    Tags: corporate training, management

    1250 days ago

  • AirECONsim: an Airline Simulation Game

    AirECONsim ( is a multiplayer simulation game, in which several players occupy the position of airlines managers competing against one another. The aim of the game is to understand air transport economies. Gradually, the players get involved in different aspects of the man...

    Tags: simulation games, business, management

    1492 days ago

  • Trends Survey

    On this page we have a very short survey (6 questions) on some of the trends in 21st Century business. You can access the survey here: The results will be posted here at the end of July. If you would like to keep in touch with the rese...

    Tags: industry, management

    1432 days ago

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