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  • Workshop on Serious Games applied to Safety, Crisis Management and Security

    The workshop intends to offer a valuable opportunity to present recent results and discuss open issues on Serious Games (SGs) in the Safety, Security and Crisis Management domain. The field is explored from a theoretical, technological, educational as well as pedagogical standpoint.

    Tags: Serious Games, Safety, Security, Crisis Management

    1550 days ago

  • Employee assessment

    Will the new hires take the right decisions at a critical moment?  How about the “old-timers” – are they still capable of pulling off the cutting edge performance when it’s needed? In many industries, these types of questions are resolved by annual, monthly or even da...

    Tags: crisis management, employee assesment

    1178 days ago

  • Sergomen

    Serious gaming skills (in comma-separated tags): education, crisis management, training, corporate training, simulation games, business, serious games, serious game architecture

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  • Simformer Business Simulations: Training and education

    During this webinar you will learn more about business simulations, their use in academic and corporate environments, and how to use Simformer platform to create your own business simulations. You can learn more about it here:

    Tags: simulation games, crisis management, simulations, corporate training, education, game-based learning, business, gamification, GALA, online games, virtual research environments, serious game architecture, assessment

    874 days ago