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  • Free online game: run-your-own-business simulator

    A free online game that gives you a chance to open your own pet spa, skateboard factory, or comic shop. You choose what you’ll sell, and scour the headlines for the trends that affect your business.

    Tags: serious games, young entrepeneurs, business

    2299 days ago

  • Gamification of GIS?

    Trivialising Digitising and Analysis : Gamification of GIS? The author of this comment compares the process of plotting roads when using ArcGIS with helping children with a colouring book, and suggests to add little clicks or noises every time a person completes a digitasion part of a city, and...

    Tags: gamification, business, gis, arcgis

    2042 days ago

  • Gamification: how effective is it?

    Let me share a great Kyle Finlay's Slideshare presentation about this topic. It was presented at the ESOMAR Congress 2011 conference in Amsterdam It has and awesome and engaging layout and it includes a  interesting collection of case studies on the effectiveness of gamification in various...

    Tags: gamification, effectivity, profitability, business, serious games

    2042 days ago

  • Gamification: one of the 10 trends for 2012 -Deloitte

    My colleage Paul sent this interesting post to his blog in GaLA Network of Excellence - thanks Paul! Deloitte has just release their tech trends report and Gamification is one of the 10 trends for 2012!

    Tags: trends, profitability, business, industry

    2042 days ago

  • Lego Serious Play: a game addressing inter-personal understanding of a complex business problem

    LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is board game that supports communication of complex information. In practice, LSP is a facilitated workshop where participants are asked different questions in relation to an ongoing project, task or strategy. The participants answer these questions by building symbolic a...

    Tags: lego, complexity, business, interpersonal understanding

    1687 days ago

  • AirECONsim: an Airline Simulation Game

    AirECONsim ( is a multiplayer simulation game, in which several players occupy the position of airlines managers competing against one another. The aim of the game is to understand air transport economies. Gradually, the players get involved in different aspects of the man...

    Tags: simulation games, business, management

    1525 days ago

  • Developing entrepreneurial spirit through Backstage Game

    Backstage Game ( is a serious game produced by the French team Id6tm. The game promotes abstract concepts such as entrepreneurial spirit to young people, in order to motivate them, to develop their creativity and new approaches when they have to face changes. The ga...

    Tags: business, personal and social learning

    1520 days ago

  • Serious Games on behavioral competencies for business

    The French studio Daesign ( , working in the field of interactive pedagogy since 1995, developed a number of Serious Games that offer training, awareness raising and assessment in a business and management context, tackling also legal issues. “Mission Anti-Trust” is a...

    Tags: business, communication

    1518 days ago

  • Ricardo Lucas

    Expert in leading executive education programs, and has filled the roles of adjunct Professor of several important business schools in Spain, including EOI Madrid, EEN Madrid, ESESA Malaga, and CESAE Madrid. He was also Managing Director LATAM of the EEN Business School network, based Lima, Peru....

    Tags: business, game-based learning

    958 days ago

  • Sustainability Game triggering mind change, free online sessions

    As every corporations' task is to include sustainability issues in their operations I would like to introduce a serious game about sustainability which is used to educate about sustainability in business and the complexity of business reality It is used by HR, managers, or proefssors. It is call...

    Tags: sustainability, education, serious games, business, systems thinking,

    1125 days ago

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