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  • The Design Principles for Flow Experience in Educational Games

    Educational games have to be well designed to incorporate learner engagement, an integral component of educational effectiveness. One foundation of designing educational engagement is flow theory. This article presents a flow framework that describes the building blocks of flow experience that ca...

    Tags: Game-based learning, Serious games, Technology enhanced learning, Game mechanics, Experience design

    1510 days ago

  • Learning loops - interactions between guided reflection and experience-based learning in a serious game activity

    In a study on experience-based learning in serious games, 45 players were tested for topic comprehension by a questionnaire administered before and after playing the single-player serious game Peacemaker (Impact Games 2007). Players were divided into two activity conditions: 20 played a 1-h game ...

    Tags: assessment, experience-based learning, reflection, serious games, technology enhanced learning

    1505 days ago

  • MarcoPolo Ocean

    The Marco Polo App by Marco Polo Learning ( is an app (available on ITunes) for children aged three and above. It introduces them to the life in the sea in a free exploration environment where they can explore the shoreline and the ocean. It contains as well puzzle-like a...

    Tags: pedagogy, technology enhanced learning

    1489 days ago

  • Silver Gaming Intergenerational Summer School (SGISS 2015)

    The presentations of the Silver Gaming Intergenerational Summer School (SGISS 2015) aim to explore intergenerational digital creation activities as well as to exchange on the conception, the development and the uses of digital games in social sciences.

    Tags: serious games, game design, cultural heritage, education, game-based learning, technology enhanced learning

    1088 days ago

  • Fiona T

    Tags: systems thinking, creativity, Science, game-based learning, technology enhanced learning

    882 days ago

  • Learning through Game Making: An HCI Perspective

    One of the areas of Game-Based Learning (GBL) that has been attracting considerable interest in recent years is digital game making, whereby learners play games but also design, construct and share them as active participants in a learning community. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a critical...

    Tags: Game Making, Game-Based Learning, Technology Enhanced Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Usability, Accessibility

    1390 days ago