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Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium

Owner: Gonçalo Pereira

Group members: 30

Brief description: This group is a platform to connect SG researchers at all levels of expertise in the area of Serious Games.

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Complete Description

This group is part of the GALA Doctoral Consortium on Serious Games (SG), which is agreed by all the GaLA universities and research centers. As part of the program, courses and workshops about theoretical, methodological, and technological aspects of SGs and SVWs will be organized with leading scientists.

The school will be multidisciplinary and as such focuses on the wide spectrum of topics and competences involved with SG and SVW research. Members will be involved in challenging projects commissioned and supported by both academia and industry. Other initiatives (the symposium, exchange program, summer school, competitions, and web portal) are synergistic with this Doctoral Consortium. The program will involve a significant study / research period of each researcher in at least one of the consortium universities beside the “home” university. This researcher exchange will further spur a concrete integration of the different research operating modes among the partners and contribute to shape the first joint activities.

This group in the SG academy is a meeting and organization place to all participants in this initiative. Its goals are:

  • Create a virtual space specific for SG researchers
  • Identify and bring together all SG researchers associated with the initiative
  • Connect SG researchers with different levels of expertise (from students to experts) and foster help to researchers seeking advice
  • List available PhD programs and research grants in SGs
  • Track and notify members of relevant challenges, workshops, summer schools, etc
  • Share published SG research of the members
  • Provide a Q&A section in which SG researchers can find answers to "high level questions (e.g. methodology)"